Ross Marshall

Vice President of Operations

Expertise: IT Network and Server Administration, Inventory Solutions, Quality Assurance, Efficient Process Development

Ross joined the Quality Mill team in 2007. As VP of Operations, Ross oversees, monitors and develops branch management, customer service, IT, quality assurance and industry solutions. Prior to leading Operations at Quality Mill, Ross has served as Network Administrator, IT Manager, IT Director and the Director of IT/QA.

"Only through clear, focused, and open-minded thinking will the ability to be efficiently versatile exist."

Ross has contributed to the development of a service-based IT Department and reduction of IT expenditures, the implementation of a virtual server platform, refinement of vending operations tailored to the needs of each customer, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, developing an e-commerce strategy and solution, and project and task management development and adoption. Ross also contributes to the employee performance review process, new employee onboarding, and mentoring the next generation of professionals.

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