We've spent seven decades developing a unique approach that allows you to partner with skilled and certified experts who know exactly what it takes to drive efficient and cost-saving process improvements.

A questions-first approach.

No plan is developed without a clear understanding of your goals and obstacles. After we understand your needs we join you on-site, looking at your processes and working together to develop solutions designed just for you.

More than training and certification.

We're subject matter experts, always uncovering new trends and regulations that will keep you ahead of the competition by making sure you're always up-to-date on technology, rules and innovations.

Solve a problem.

We help you resolve issues with tool life, quality, finish, reliability, bottlenecks and cycle time.

Reduce costs through efficiency.

Understand your obstacles. Our team will help you discover improvements that will contribute to your bottom line.



  • Application Engineering
  • Cost Savings Documentation
  • Hand Tool Consolidation
  • Insert Rationalization
  • Lineside Quality Measurement
  • MRO Consolidation
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Process Audit
  • Process Improvement Documentation
  • Setup Reduction
  • Special Cutting Tool Engineering
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