He did his job well, but as he watched companies struggle to keep pace with demand, he came to believe that better supplies and bigger innovations shouldn't come at the expense of excellent service.


On December 1, 1944, Alvah Gilbert took that conviction and founded Quality Mill Supply Company. He knew his company's success would hinge on a simple notion that still sustains the company today: Service and success should always be about doing what you're supposed to do - and then some.

For over seven decades, Quality Mill has led the industry with its unique customer-centric model – partnering with customers to solve problems and introducing innovation to give customers a competitive edge.


Today, we are poised to bring customers even more choice and value by joining forces with Martin Inc. Together, we share a common mission to help companies operate better. By combining our strengths in metalworking, industrial and safety, integrated supply and fasteners, customers will have access to a complete package and one-stop-shopping convenience. While our look and feel will change over time, you will still receive the same outstanding service, customer care, and a host of additional programs and services to help your company operate better. 

Use experience to your advantage.

With an extensive history, Quality Mill, A Martin Supply Co.,  knows the industry. Let our seven decades of experience, partnerships, affiliations and connections work towards your future success.



Quality Mill Supply Co. Inc. Historical Timeline

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