Duane Brunner

Chief Financial Officer

Expertise:Budgeting, Data Analysis, Financial Statement Preparation, Management

As CFO, Duane supports the management team by providing data and insights, internal and external financial reporting, and continual evaluation of financial needs. Duane is responsible for financial reporting, tax reporting and compliance with federal and state tax law and regulations, working with management to provide information and guidance, and managing financials relationships with financial partners, payroll administration, employee benefits, and business liability insurance coverage. Duane has been a part of the Quality Mill team since 2019 and has 15 years of accounting and financial expertise..

"We live in an ever-changing world which is ripe with opportunity. With that we must work effectively to ensure that the best ideas and practices rise to the top, thus maintaining our relevance with customers both internally and externally."

In addition to financial reporting, Duane strives to work with the company in other areas and provide support where needed. This includes creating a fully functional budget for each department and helping the company make informed decisions.

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